Burnout in the third sector

Burnout in the third sector

Level UP Association from Łódź is conducting the international research “Burnout in the third sector”. The research is aimed at showing the internal crisis among the youth workers in different European Countries and use their results to mapping out the possibilities to learn, educate and implement the solutions that will allow building non-burning organizational culture among the European NGOs.

Working with people is not the simplest. Every social worker faces various difficult challenges and social problems every day. Commitment to helping and changing the world often causes that employees themselves more and more often to experience the problem of depressed mood, burnout, or mental crisis. At the same time, they cannot count on sufficient support in organizations, because usually, every organization is responsible for this burning organizational culture.

Note that burnout is a phenomenon that applies to a situation when you used to like your job and derive satisfaction from that but now your attitude has changed negatively. If you haven’t liked your job from the very beginning and it has never brought you positive feelings, you don’t struggle with burnout. Still, you can fulfil our survey so as we could gather more data about people working in the third sector.

We kindly invite you to take part in the survey about burnout in the third sector. This survey aims at collecting data about burnout crises among the youth workers/educators/volunteers and NGO members in different European countries.

Link: https://forms.gle/XWs5zags1htznG886