Youth Exchange – Gender Equality in Outdoor Life Erasmus+ Project

Youth Exchange – Gender Equality in Outdoor Life Erasmus+ Project

            During the time between 23 of June and 3 of august there was the Gender Equality in Outdoor Life project, an Erasmus+ project orginised by the NGO Youth For The World, with the main goal to sensitize to participants from different countries, such as France, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Check Republic, to the subject of gender equality through different activities in the outdoor space.

            During the project the organizing team made sure that all of the participants shared the experience from their countries and cultures regarding the subject of the youth exchange, by creating the best environment for the intercultural exchanges and for the activities.

            During the project, the hosting country made sure to give to all the countries space to facilitate some activities. By doing that they gave us the opportunity not only to share our experience or opinion about the topic, but also to develop our skills, such as public speaking, social interaction, activity planning, etc.

            Beside the activities we also had a wonderful time during the intercultural nights. Every country had the chance to present their culture in the most creative ways.

            The main activity on which was based the entire project was the hiking in which all of the participants had the opportunity to show their skills, support and attitude towards the other gender and the same gender. During the 12h of hiking we had the chance to explore the beauty of Kakhetian forest and hills.

            We had a lot of good time during the project, made some beautiful bonds with people from different countries, and fell in love with Georgian traditions and culture. One thing we can say for sure is that we definitely want to go back.

Best regards,

Team from Moldova!