Training Course “Communication Without Boardes”

Training Course “Communication Without Boardes”

Have you ever tried to communicate with people without discussing or writing with each other. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? 🤔

Yes, but this makes communication more fun and interesting.

Drawing, sketching, mimicking, writing. This is how I communicated a week during the training course “Communication without boardes” that took place in Berlin, on November 1-9, 2019 November.
The training course was organized by CHANCE International and Academy of innovation with the support of the Erasmus + program.

During the week we analyzed how we receive and transmit information and how different the same message can be perceived by different people 😏
We have also learned how as facilitators we can visually transmit information and have become acquainted with several methods such as drawing, comics, infographics, mind-map and visual data. 👫

Thus, we practiced how to draw people into action as well as expressing emotions, the result of which was fantastic.