The aim of the 20-months project “Entrepreneurial EAST (Entrepreneurship Activities – Strategic Training)” is to support youth organizations and youth in Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia for social entrepreneurship development inside their organizations and in their local youth communities helping young people to develop their entrepreneurship spirit and improve their abilities to enter the labour market.

Specific objectives:

  1. to support youth organizations and youth in Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia for social entrepreneurship development inside their organizations;
  2. to develop at least 4 local social entrepreneurial initiatives in each partner countries to giving and added value to the youth NGOs sustainability and work with youth;
  3. Find innovative entrepreneurship education opportunities for young people in partner countries and;
  4. To create and implement an information campaign to promote the idea of the entrepreneurship and to motivate young people to be proactive in finding entrepreneurial opportunities;
  5. Share good practices and methodologies between the organizations with common resources;
  6. To build the network between youth NGOs in partner countries to involve in training more entrepreneurial youth;
  7. Capacitate youth workers of partner organizations and collaboration organizations about innovative opportunities regarding the sea;
  8. Raise awareness of the important in the business sector and build the support network and mutual effective tools to support the youth in entrepreneurial attitude building.

One of the project’s focus includes the network building with business sector. The experts from business sector will be invited for certain parts of the project to share their expertise, find common collaboration pints and to support the youth organizations with coaching and consultations – their financial stability and development, creation of new social products and the capacity to support young people on entrepreneurship competence development.

As the result of this project, the international network and support system of youth workers, entrepreneurs and youth NGOs will be developed across different sectors that can support entrepreneurial youth work in long term both on local and international level.

The project will promote youth entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people. All project activities are developed in the way that they strengthen the entrepreneurial competence on 3 different levels:

1) youth organizations – by training the decision makers of youth NGOs to become more entrepreneurial in their organization’s management, approach to the clients and developing social business ideas;
2) youth workers – by training them and giving tools to implement entrepreneurship education in their daily  work with youth;
3) youth – developing and implementing local youth support system for entrepreneurship competence development.

The information campaign itself aims to promote entrepreneurship as the occupation and entrepreneurial mindset in every life situation.

To reach this aim, 4 project partners from MilleniuM (Moldova), RED-Creative Effects Workshop (Latvia), OleLukoe (Estonia) and KREATIV (Ukraine) will implement following activities towards more entrepreneurial and cross-sectoral youth work with tools and skilled human capital that can support young people and youth NGOs in their independent development:

= 1 international training for youth organizations on how to strengthen their collaboration with different sectors and to develop their own social services;
= development and testing 4 local entrepreneurial initiatives by participants of partner NGOs (1 initiative in each country) in collaboration with local municipalities and business sector;
= 1 international training for youth workers on how to support young people to start their own entrepreneurship activities and to build their personal brands strengthening their abilities to enter the labour market;
= 4 local trainings for youth (1 in each partner country, each 3-days long) + individual support on personal entrepreneurship competence development (these activity will take place on local level, and they will be implemented by the participants of the international trainings and with the support af the partner organizations);
= 1 research about youth, youth organizations and entrepreneurship – economic and legal situation, attitudes, motivation and possibilities in partner countries;
= 1 dissemination event;
= 1 promotion campaign on youth entrepreneurship opportunities in all 4 partner countries;
= 4 team meetings to plan, coordinate evaluate the project (one at the beginning of the project, before international trainings for youth workers and NGOs and 1 after the dissemination event).