Erasmus+ KA2 project “Out with burn out”

Erasmus+ KA2 project “Out with burn out”

We are happy to announce our participation in the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Out with burn out”.
How many of you have ever felt burning out? 🥴💨
Here comes the support group for everyone working in the third sector who are at risk or who already struggles with its symptoms.💥
Join, exchange experiences, get good vibes from others 💪

Burnout is a result of culminating unreacted stress in the long term, which shows its repercussions in physiology, emotions, relations with others etc.
It results in worse well-being and health problems. Some of the results are: willingness to be isolated, worse relations with others, no interest in previous hobbies, problems with dealing with emotions, worse efficiency and effectiveness, problems with concentrating, memory and  creative thinking.

The “Out with Burnout” project focuses on increasing the knowledge about burnout, and it’s symptoms – how to recognize them, what they are and how to manage social burnout.

Our staff will take part in three Joint Staff Trainings, each of them will be focused on different objectives, learning: 
● the attitude to work, assertiveness etc;
● the ETS Competence Model due to which we will be working on chosen competences
in order to minimize the risk of social burnout;
● new methods to overcome the problem by mindfulness, yoga, meditation, alternative
medicine and get back to the previous harmony in order to be able to provide other
actions in the third sector without the need of changing the profession. 

Carrying out such a project will give us competences in preventing burn out and will give us the tools to overcome when it catches – us or our recipients, partners and target groups.

The project will be realised by the coordinator organisation “Level Up Association” in cooperation with three other organisations: Asociația A.S.E.L.; Positive YOUth; Institutul de Instruire în Dezvoltare “MilleniuM”;