ERASMUS+ project “Two steps for the trues (No Hate speech)”

MilleniuM Training and Development Institute was part of the ERASMUS+ project “Two steps for the trues (No Hate speech)” designed by NGO Genesis (Czech Republic) and NGO Unit (Ukraine) to provide active young people from 8 countries (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkey).
The aim of the project was to increase the awareness of the European youth in the sphere of inclusive the minorities and people who are suffered from the hate speech and to motivate them to create own social projects.

Project consists of 2 stages:
1) First one (held in Czech Republic) focuses on basic information about the media, propaganda, manipulation, critical thinking and working with news.
2) The second stage (Kyiv, Ukraine) will allow participants to meet with reality and prepare their own media-products – video interviews with Ukrainians about important social, cultural, political issues.