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Last update: 12.12.2017

15 February 2018 - Open Call for selection an organization that will provide a research in social enterpreneurship field

Terms of References

Country: Republic of Moldova
Coordinating Organization: "MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute
Project name: KA2 Entrepreneurial EAST (Entrepreneurship Activities – Strategic Training)
Project reference Nr: 590033-EPP-12017-1-MD-EPPKA2-CBY-EP-CSF
Implementation period: 15.02.2018 - 15.05.2018
Deadline for application: 15.02.2018
Types of services: desk research on national situation of social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship possibilities for young people.
Results to be achieved: a comprehensive analysis on social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship possibilities for young people in Moldova ensuring the input from community, local authorities and locally-active civil society organisations
Max. Budget available: 1600 euro

Context: The research will be done in the framework of Erasmus plus KA2 project “Entrepreneurial EAST Project (Entrepreneurship Activities – Strategic Training)”. The aim of the project is to support youth organizations and young people in Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia for social entrepreneurship development inside their organizations and in their local youth communities helping young people to develop their entrepreneurship spirit and improve their abilities to enter the labour market.
    Project partners:
  • "MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute from Moldova (coordinating organization),
  • Vinnytsia Regional Center for Information “KREATIV” – partner from Ukraine,
  • NGO RED – Creative Effects’ Workshop – partner from Latvia,
  • NGO OleLukoe – partner from Estonia.

Description of the research:
Goal of the research - to give a clear overview analysis based on public data regarding social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship possibilities for young people in Moldova.

    The research should cover such issues:
  • Understanding of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship on national level versus academic theories and definitions;
  • National legislation framework (laws, regulations, other relevant legal documents and requirements) for entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship – how to start and what to be ready for, including national tax policy for entrepreneurs;
  • Latest statistics of number of young people and youth unemployment rate on national level;
  • Latest statistics on entrepreneurship activities and social entrepreneurship activities on national level in total and involving young people[1], and also, what is female/male proportion and what are the types of the businesses (self-employed, small and medium companies, what fields etc.);
  • The attitude of society, especially young people towards entrepreneurship (what is the image of entrepreneurship and what is the readiness to get involved in entrepreneurship);
  • Statistics of youth NGOs on national level (how many and what are their services);
  • Statistics of NGOs and companies dealing with social entrepreneurship – who they are, what kind of services they provide etc.;
  • Biggest challenges in entrepreneurship on national level and especially with small businesses (analysing the researches and statistics available);
  • 5 success stories of social entrepreneurship and young entrepreneurs (how they started, what were their challenges, barriers to enter the field, how did they solve them, what skills are needed to star the business, what support tools would make the situation easier etc.);
  • Short analysis of economic situation in the country (including statistics about “shadow economy”, Doing business rate, challenges etc.);
  • Entrepreneurship education on national level – what is both formal and non-formal training available and how many young people are involved;
  • The overview of national entrepreneurship support system: platforms, institutions, incubators etc. and funds for start-ups.
    Minimum eligibility requirements:
  1. Legal person registered in Republic of Moldova
  2. Practical skills and knowledge in research or/and initiating, legalizing an entrepreneurial activity,
  3. Awareness on the legal framework with regard to entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in Moldova,
  4. Awareness on issues in entrepreneurship education and start-up support system in Moldova,
  5. Ability to write in good English (the research needs to be provided in English);
  6. Practical experience of research.

The application procedure:

    Interested organizations are encouraged to send to the dossier that contains the following documents:
  1. Cover letter
  2. Research methodology with action plan and timelines
  3. Curriculum Vitae of expert(s) involved in the research
  4. Financial proposal (number of working days and the cost per one day of work)

Deadline for application: 15 February 2018.

14 Februarie 2017 - Deadline pentru aplicare la Training Course "Erasmus+ Youth for Eastern Partnership region"

    In atentia Organizatiilor de tineret din Republica Moldova!
  • Reprezinti o organizatie de tineret din Republica Moldova care detine experienta in implementarea proiectelor Erasmus+: Youth in Action?
  • Doresti sa aplici la programul Erasmus+ pe componenta KA2 - Capacity Building in field of youth (deadline 8 Martie 2018)?

Atunci Erasmus+ Youth. Info Centru in Moldova si Institutul de Instruire in Dezvoltare "MilleniuM" te invita sa participi la Training Course-ul "Erasmus+ Youth for Eastern Partnership region" - Training course for youth organizations interested in KA2 - Capacity building in field of youth under Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme.

Perioada: 17-18 februarie 2018
Locatia: oficiul Institutului de Instruire in Dezvoltare "MilleniuM", str. 31 August 1989, nr.26 of.4, Chisinau
Termenul limita de aplicare: 14 februarie 2018
Aplicati accesand acest link.
Erasmus+ Youth. Info Centru in Moldova reprezinta un centru informational gestionat de catre Institutul de Instruire in Dezvoltare "MilleniuM" cu suportul SALTO EECA, ce are drept scop informarea tinerilor si organizatiilor de tineret despre oportunitatile programului Erasmus+, precum si sustinerea organizatiilor in implementarea calitativa a proiectelor Erasmus+: Youth in Action.
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